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Factory By Sutra – Churning Out Food.

thatveggieblogger/ May 15, 2017/ Bar Stars, Brewery Specialists, Cafe Delights/ 10 comments

Suppose a particular thing of your liking that you enjoy daily and has been converted to a habit. You look forward to that activity religiously and that might me the only respite for you after a heavy day. What if someone takes that away from you. That feeling of getting struck by lightening is surely going to arise. That’s what happened to restaurants in Gurgaon, I specifically say Gurgaon because

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Asian Fun – Chinese Delight.

thatveggieblogger/ May 3, 2017/ Asian Fusion/ 3 comments

The ritual of going to Noida Sec 18, watching a movie, enjoying a game of bowling nearby and then having a comprehensive meal was somewhat disturbed yesterday. I was with a couple of friends and after catching a matinee show, we decided to grab a bite from a new restaurant, someplace that we haven’t tried yet. After settling that Chinese food will be cuisine of the evening, we started zeroing

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The Classroom – Back To School.

thatveggieblogger/ April 19, 2017/ Bar Stars, Brewery Specialists/ 0 comments

Waking up at 6 A.M. every morning, and cursing my school was a routine. It was a regimen that was more regular than physical training just before the first lecture. I always wondered then, why do people miss their school life. It’s so darn to the point. But that was when I was still in scholl. Just like everyone else, I grew up and started missing all the things that

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The Masala Trail – Food’s Backtracking Journey.

thatveggieblogger/ April 12, 2017/ Desi Tadka, Pure Vegetarian Zone, Street Smart/ 2 comments

In this era, you will see every thing developing at lightning speed. Be it clothes, automobiles or even Cricket. Gone are those days when Test matches used to be enjoyed lazily with whole family. In this Razzmatazz of T-20 cricket, Test matches have taken a back seat. And this is somewhat true for food too. The competition has increased tenfold with lots of new genres being invented. Right from cross

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Jungle Jamboree – When Nature calls.

thatveggieblogger/ April 7, 2017/ Buffet Treats/ 3 comments

It’s very difficult to start a trend. You have to do all the research, planning and take all the risk. That is why I have immense respect for Barbeque Nation. They were the first one to bring this Buffet culture in the city, and it took a lot of effort from those guys to make their name and goodwill. And now, as a result, there are numerous restaurants where you

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Feng Shuii – Art of Food.

thatveggieblogger/ March 20, 2017/ Asian Fusion, Bar Stars/ 0 comments

Being a 90’s kid, I remember interior designing your house was a pretty big deal. You would automatically be classified as a hot shot if you hired an interior designer. Similarly this concept of Feng Shuii is also a modern term to keep up with the time. It has become so famous and known, that, everyone now knows where the word originates from. So when you hear that there is

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Wakhra Swaad – Different name, Different game.

thatveggieblogger/ March 8, 2017/ Desi Tadka, Home Delivery/ 0 comments

There aren’t even 10 decent Food Joints in Mayur Vihar Phase 2 from where I can get my food delivered. And I have tried all of them at least 10 times. So, I was getting restless for trying a different and new place. Phase 1 is a decent choice to order, but I thought this time not only the place, but the area should be completely different too. That’s when

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The Tummy Section – Answer your Stomach call here.

thatveggieblogger/ March 7, 2017/ Hoarder's Heaven, Street Smart/ 0 comments

Thank God for Metro, otherwise I wouldn’t have dared to visit so many popular food joints that are way too far for me. Specially West Delhi area of which I don’t know a great deal about. And It isn’t feasible every time to book a cab, in fact, the fare cost will be more than I will spend here. The Tummy Section is one of those rare food joints in

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Tsui Wong – Right, not Wrong.

thatveggieblogger/ February 20, 2017/ Asian Fusion/ 0 comments

Smith, Johnson, Williams or Singh, Kumar, Sharma or Garcia, Rodriguez, Martinez. These are some of the most common surnames that you will come across in America, India and Mexico respectively. Chances are, if you are in of these countries you are bound to meet one of the people that share these surnames. This may be one the reasons why this place is named Tsui Wong. There is a separate Wiki

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Pirates Of Grill – Original In Buffet.

thatveggieblogger/ February 9, 2017/ Buffet Treats/ 0 comments

It was in 2009 when I first had Buffet meal in my life. The term Buffet was unheard of before that. It was Barbeque Nation that popularized Buffet system in Delhi NCR. I still remember, at that moment there were only 2 chains of Barbeque Nation in whole of NCR. But now you have so many options. And Pirates Of Grill is one of the better options. It’s the quality

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