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The Great Kabab Factory – Of Galouti Kabab and Jalebi.

thatveggieblogger/ May 16, 2017/ Buffet Treats, Fine Dining Experience/ 4 comments

It takes time to make a name for yourself. This is not an overnight process. You have to work hard with lot of dedication and thought, and set yourself some goals over a period of time. And it doesn’t stop at that. Even after you have what you wanted, there is a never ending process of maintaining that name. That is where the real struggles lies. This is somewhat true

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Bunta Bar – Desi English Bar.

thatveggieblogger/ March 11, 2017/ Bar Stars, Cafe Delights/ 0 comments

“Bunta Bar is an ode to the bar culture of India. It is fun, familiar yet innovative ; the food here focuses on recreating and amalgamating traditional regional flavors. The cuisine is best described as ‘India Inspired’. The kitchen represents the classic yet unexplored charm of India’s diverse regions….” etc etc. This is what Bunta Bar has to say about itself. And after all the Indian talk it closes its

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Naivedyam- South Indian magic.

thatveggieblogger/ February 28, 2017/ Pure Vegetarian Zone, South Indian Friendly/ 1 comments

“Naivedyam is actually an offering of food to god just before a pooja begins. We in the hospitality industry believe, that consumer is god.” This is what each and every menu book reads at Naivedyam. I bet you didn’t knew this! A friend of mine lives near Shopprix Mall, Sec 61. He called us over and insisted that instead of going to Sec 18, we should check out Sec 63

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Old Famous Jalebi Wala- Best Jalebi’s out there.

thatveggieblogger/ February 25, 2017/ Pure Vegetarian Zone, Street Smart, Sweet Tooth, Vintage Advantage/ 1 comments

Of all the traditional North Indian Desserts like Gulab Jamun, Ladoo, Burfee, Gajar Ka Halwa etc., the one which I absolutely love and prefer above all is Jalebi. The not so good part is, you won’t find Jalebi’s everywhere, especially in premium North Indian Restaurants. This is where Gulab Jamun holds an edge. You will readily get them everywhere. Of all the places I have visited, there isn’t a single

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Tsui Wong – Right, not Wrong.

thatveggieblogger/ February 20, 2017/ Asian Fusion/ 0 comments

Smith, Johnson, Williams or Singh, Kumar, Sharma or Garcia, Rodriguez, Martinez. These are some of the most common surnames that you will come across in America, India and Mexico respectively. Chances are, if you are in of these countries you are bound to meet one of the people that share these surnames. This may be one the reasons why this place is named Tsui Wong. There is a separate Wiki

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Natraj Dahi Bhalle Wala – Aptly Named.

thatveggieblogger/ February 17, 2017/ Pure Vegetarian Zone, Street Smart, Vintage Advantage/ 1 comments

Why Natraj Dahi Bhalle Wala but not Natraj Aloo Tikki Wala. This was the first question that came to my mind when I learned that this place serves only Dahi Bhalla and Aloo Tikki. Yes, only two items in the menu. But you must have known this. Probably everyone that has heard about this place knows this. Along with Giani Di Hatti, Old Famous Jalebiwala etc. this place is considered

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Khan Chacha – Distant Uncle of a Vegetarian.

thatveggieblogger/ February 8, 2017/ Street Smart, Vintage Advantage/ 0 comments

The primary reason I ever go to Khan Market is Food. There are lots of Shopping options here too, but I have never been here for that purpose. In terms of Food, there is lot to admire here, therefore, I have never thought of Khan Market as a Shopping Hub. Khan Chacha is one of those food joints in NCR that each and everyone must have heard about. And If

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Agent Jack's By Brewer Street – Mission Successful.

thatveggieblogger/ January 14, 2017/ Bar Stars, Cafe Delights/ 0 comments

Ja Daarubaaz Ja, Pee le apni Zindagi. How apt is this sentence for Agent Jack’s By Brewer Street. This is a newly opened place, on the competitive street of ever growing Sec 29 Market. Agent Jack won’t be difficult to locate. After all, Sec 29 has become one of the go to places in Gurgaon. Spread over two floors, this place also has an under construction Rooftop. It will only

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