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Factory By Sutra – Churning Out Food.

thatveggieblogger/ May 15, 2017/ Bar Stars, Brewery Specialists, Cafe Delights/ 10 comments

Suppose a particular thing of your liking that you enjoy daily and has been converted to a habit. You look forward to that activity religiously and that might me the only respite for you after a heavy day. What if someone takes that away from you. That feeling of getting struck by lightening is surely going to arise. That’s what happened to restaurants in Gurgaon, I specifically say Gurgaon because

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Burma Burma – Herbivore’s first home.

thatveggieblogger/ April 22, 2017/ Asian Fusion, Pure Vegetarian Zone, Sweet Tooth/ 3 comments

Miglabar! It means Hello in Burmese. This is the first word that I have seen the management use whenever they are replying to a customer’ review on Zomato. That word really caught my attention and as I went further, I noticed that they have used Miglabar as the opening word for every reply. So, what I am doing here, is using their trick on them, just to see what kind

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Foodhall – House of Food.

thatveggieblogger/ March 13, 2017/ Sweet Tooth, Western Epics/ 2 comments

It’s been around a fortnight since Academy Awards. And, as a cinema Buff, I really wanted to watch Moonlight in Big Screen. Couldn’t have missed this movie at any cost. Finally when I got some spare time, the only screening left of this movie in whole of Delhi, was in Vasant Kunj and that too a solitary show. So, I had no option but to travel all the way here.

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FrenZone – For friends and family alike.

thatveggieblogger/ March 5, 2017/ Cafe Delights, Shake Ache/ 0 comments

South Campus, for me, is just like what North Campus used to be a while back – An alien land. So far off from my place, that I always avoid going that side. But my first visit there was enough to make me realize that I was very wrong and what all I was missing. You won’t have to put an effort in finding any restaurant here. Everything is there

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Selfie – Quality Clicking.

thatveggieblogger/ March 4, 2017/ Cafe Delights/ 0 comments

I have always considered Batman And Robin to be adult and darker versions of Tom And Jerry. You cannot imagine one’s life to be complete without the other. Moreover as a viewer, the feeling of completeness is there only when both of them are present in one frame. This is what Selfie Lounge And Restro realizes and has successfully adapted. You have a huge drawing of Batman and Joker in

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Naivedyam- South Indian magic.

thatveggieblogger/ February 28, 2017/ Pure Vegetarian Zone, South Indian Friendly/ 1 comments

“Naivedyam is actually an offering of food to god just before a pooja begins. We in the hospitality industry believe, that consumer is god.” This is what each and every menu book reads at Naivedyam. I bet you didn’t knew this! A friend of mine lives near Shopprix Mall, Sec 61. He called us over and insisted that instead of going to Sec 18, we should check out Sec 63

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Bonne Bouche – French Love.

thatveggieblogger/ February 15, 2017/ Cafe Delights, Fine Dining Experience, Western Epics/ 0 comments

Children must be accompanied by a responsible adult. That’s basic knowledge. But it becomes all the more important when you are dining at Bonne Bouche because, and I quote “Unattended Children will be given an Espresso and a free Puppy”. These are not my words, that’s what the overhead board says. And we all know that children should be kept away from Coffee and having a puppy is a big

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Krispy Kreme- Kwality And Klarity.

thatveggieblogger/ February 14, 2017/ Sweet Tooth/ 0 comments

I have a huge Sweet Tooth. I haven’t met anyone yet who can beat me in that department. I am constantly looking forward to my next meal to have my dessert craving satisfied in the end. It doesn’t matter what kind of Dessert it is, be it Waffles, Gulab Jamun’s or Banoffee Pie, If it’s good I won’t say no. This craving was the reason that led me to Krispy

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Chokola – Say Hello to Chocolate.

thatveggieblogger/ February 7, 2017/ Sweet Tooth/ 0 comments

9 out of 10 times when I dine In Khan Market, my go to Dessert shop is The Big Chill. For Banoffee Pie, I go to The Big Chill Cafe, and for Chocolate Noir Ice Cream, I go to The Big Chill Cakery. This time I thought of skipping Big Chill and go with some other Dessert shop. Though I have been to Chokola Before, but it had been ages

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