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Defence Bakery in association with USCranberries – Great after meal option.

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As a food lover, I love a wholesome meal. And by wholesome meal, I mean one that has all the corners covered. There are many things that need to be considered when dining at any place. Right from Starters to Main Course, there are many segments that a good restaurant need to check.These small things matter a lot. Now, what I have noticed at most of the places is that even

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Burma Burma – Herbivore’s first home.

thatveggieblogger/ April 22, 2017/ Asian Fusion, Pure Vegetarian Zone, Sweet Tooth/ 3 comments

Miglabar! It means Hello in Burmese. This is the first word that I have seen the management use whenever they are replying to a customer’ review on Zomato. That word really caught my attention and as I went further, I noticed that they have used Miglabar as the opening word for every reply. So, what I am doing here, is using their trick on them, just to see what kind

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Foodhall – House of Food.

thatveggieblogger/ March 13, 2017/ Sweet Tooth, Western Epics/ 2 comments

It’s been around a fortnight since Academy Awards. And, as a cinema Buff, I really wanted to watch Moonlight in Big Screen. Couldn’t have missed this movie at any cost. Finally when I got some spare time, the only screening left of this movie in whole of Delhi, was in Vasant Kunj and that too a solitary show. So, I had no option but to travel all the way here.

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Raro- Nothing rare about it.

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It was just two months back when I first tried Whipped. A lot of good things were heard, so I thought why not try it. And I am always excited when it comes out to trying new places. What a wonderful experience it turned out to be. That good experience was the main reason why I decided to check Rao out. Initially, my plan was to get something packed from

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Old Famous Jalebi Wala- Best Jalebi’s out there.

thatveggieblogger/ February 25, 2017/ Pure Vegetarian Zone, Street Smart, Sweet Tooth, Vintage Advantage/ 1 comments

Of all the traditional North Indian Desserts like Gulab Jamun, Ladoo, Burfee, Gajar Ka Halwa etc., the one which I absolutely love and prefer above all is Jalebi. The not so good part is, you won’t find Jalebi’s everywhere, especially in premium North Indian Restaurants. This is where Gulab Jamun holds an edge. You will readily get them everywhere. Of all the places I have visited, there isn’t a single

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Kulfiano – Flirting with flavor.

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Do you like Kulfi? Wait let me rephrase it. Do You Like Mangoes? Wait. No No. I can’t really decide. I know what i want to say but I am not getting the exact words. Let me think about it. Till then let’s get to know a bit about the place. You will get lots of good options to eat in Defence Colony. Be it Main Course or Dessert. So

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Icy Curls – Sundae mania.

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If you are in Mayur Vihar Phase 2, and want to have some good Desserts, you are going to get disappointed, especially if you are in the mood to have some good Ice Cream. You will only find those Mother Dairy and Cream Bell Thelas at some corners. The only remaining thing to do is order some of that. That is where Icy Curls comes in very handy. This place

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azoté – Chemical Fun.

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The exact location of IIT Delhi is Hauz Khas. But the Namesake Hauz Khas Village market is more than 2 km if you prefer to walk or more than 5 km if you are taking your own vehicle. And being a educational Campus, you won’t see majority of students having their own Vehicles. This is where SDA Market comes into play. This place has a huge advantage over Hauz Khas

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Fluffles-The Fluffy Waffle Co. – Fluffy, not Tasty.

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After my near Perfect Meal at Bonne Bouche (except for Shakes), I wanted to end my night with Some Waffles. In fact, I had made up my mind That My Dessert cravings will be satisfied by some good Waffles only. That was the primary reason that I skipped Desserts at Bonne Bouche. It’s ironic, because, Bonne Bouche literally means “an appetizing item of food, especially something sweet eaten at the

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