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Panchratna Thaal – Huge Platter with everything on it.

thatveggieblogger/ July 8, 2017/ Desi Tadka, Pure Vegetarian Zone/ 31 comments

The best part about having a meal at a Pure Vegetarian restaurant is that you don’t have to scan the menu to check what all is Veg and how limited the choices are going to be. In a place like this, you just have to select the dish without any worries. And the icing on the cake comes when you don’t have to select anything. Everything in the menu will

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Burma Burma – Herbivore’s first home.

thatveggieblogger/ April 22, 2017/ Asian Fusion, Pure Vegetarian Zone, Sweet Tooth/ 3 comments

Miglabar! It means Hello in Burmese. This is the first word that I have seen the management use whenever they are replying to a customer’ review on Zomato. That word really caught my attention and as I went further, I noticed that they have used Miglabar as the opening word for every reply. So, what I am doing here, is using their trick on them, just to see what kind

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The Masala Trail – Food’s Backtracking Journey.

thatveggieblogger/ April 12, 2017/ Desi Tadka, Pure Vegetarian Zone, Street Smart/ 2 comments

In this era, you will see every thing developing at lightning speed. Be it clothes, automobiles or even Cricket. Gone are those days when Test matches used to be enjoyed lazily with whole family. In this Razzmatazz of T-20 cricket, Test matches have taken a back seat. And this is somewhat true for food too. The competition has increased tenfold with lots of new genres being invented. Right from cross

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Bell Pepperz – Ringing Good times.

thatveggieblogger/ March 6, 2017/ Desi Tadka, Fine Dining Experience, Pure Vegetarian Zone/ 0 comments

Okay. Let me see. Ummm.. Wow. I am usually good at this. But only Gulati And Burma Burma comes to my mind when someone asks me a good Fine Dining Restaurant in Delhi-NCR. The catch here is, it should be a Pure Vegetarian restaurant. There may be more but just these two comes to my mind. That made me realize that there is shortage of lavish Pure Veg restaurants here.

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Naivedyam- South Indian magic.

thatveggieblogger/ February 28, 2017/ Pure Vegetarian Zone, South Indian Friendly/ 1 comments

“Naivedyam is actually an offering of food to god just before a pooja begins. We in the hospitality industry believe, that consumer is god.” This is what each and every menu book reads at Naivedyam. I bet you didn’t knew this! A friend of mine lives near Shopprix Mall, Sec 61. He called us over and insisted that instead of going to Sec 18, we should check out Sec 63

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Shyam Sweets- Sanware wali jagah.

thatveggieblogger/ February 28, 2017/ Pure Vegetarian Zone, Street Smart, Vintage Advantage/ 2 comments

The weather is pleasant, a bit too hot actually for February, which makes it easy for me to wake up early in the morning, which is very rare by the way. But it happened this Sunday and I thought why not utilize this opportunity by treating myself with some delicious breakfast at Old Delhi. There is so much to choose from in that area. Be it Kachori’s from Jung Bahadur

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Old Famous Jalebi Wala- Best Jalebi’s out there.

thatveggieblogger/ February 25, 2017/ Pure Vegetarian Zone, Street Smart, Sweet Tooth, Vintage Advantage/ 1 comments

Of all the traditional North Indian Desserts like Gulab Jamun, Ladoo, Burfee, Gajar Ka Halwa etc., the one which I absolutely love and prefer above all is Jalebi. The not so good part is, you won’t find Jalebi’s everywhere, especially in premium North Indian Restaurants. This is where Gulab Jamun holds an edge. You will readily get them everywhere. Of all the places I have visited, there isn’t a single

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Kulfiano – Flirting with flavor.

thatveggieblogger/ February 24, 2017/ Pure Vegetarian Zone, Sweet Tooth/ 0 comments

Do you like Kulfi? Wait let me rephrase it. Do You Like Mangoes? Wait. No No. I can’t really decide. I know what i want to say but I am not getting the exact words. Let me think about it. Till then let’s get to know a bit about the place. You will get lots of good options to eat in Defence Colony. Be it Main Course or Dessert. So

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Icy Curls – Sundae mania.

thatveggieblogger/ February 24, 2017/ Hidden Gems, Hoarder's Heaven, Home Delivery, Pure Vegetarian Zone, Sweet Tooth/ 0 comments

If you are in Mayur Vihar Phase 2, and want to have some good Desserts, you are going to get disappointed, especially if you are in the mood to have some good Ice Cream. You will only find those Mother Dairy and Cream Bell Thelas at some corners. The only remaining thing to do is order some of that. That is where Icy Curls comes in very handy. This place

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Natraj Dahi Bhalle Wala – Aptly Named.

thatveggieblogger/ February 17, 2017/ Pure Vegetarian Zone, Street Smart, Vintage Advantage/ 1 comments

Why Natraj Dahi Bhalle Wala but not Natraj Aloo Tikki Wala. This was the first question that came to my mind when I learned that this place serves only Dahi Bhalla and Aloo Tikki. Yes, only two items in the menu. But you must have known this. Probably everyone that has heard about this place knows this. Along with Giani Di Hatti, Old Famous Jalebiwala etc. this place is considered

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