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Ardor 2.1 – Passion for Ghazal and Food.

thatveggieblogger/ July 12, 2017/ Bar Stars, Casual Dining Experience, Desi Tadka/ 27 comments

You know what’s the best thing that I like about Delhi. Of Course, it’s food, but what makes food here so different in variety ye so authentic in taste? It’s the presence of different cultures and the harmonious conglomeration that makes all of this possible. You can get world class Bhel Puri and lip smacking Chole Bhature under one roof.  Which other city or state can boast of this –

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Panchratna Thaal – Huge Platter with everything on it.

thatveggieblogger/ July 8, 2017/ Desi Tadka, Pure Vegetarian Zone/ 31 comments

The best part about having a meal at a Pure Vegetarian restaurant is that you don’t have to scan the menu to check what all is Veg and how limited the choices are going to be. In a place like this, you just have to select the dish without any worries. And the icing on the cake comes when you don’t have to select anything. Everything in the menu will

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Kama. Rajasthani Food Festival – Khamaghani to all the deliciousness.

thatveggieblogger/ June 18, 2017/ Desi Tadka, Fine Dining Experience/ 47 comments

4 years. That’s the time I have spent in Rajasthan while completing my graduation. And four years are more than enough to learn about a new culture. You may not learn everything but you will be accustomed by the culture and tradition to some extent at least. And though it took some time for me to adjust in the beginning, but I fell in love with what Rajasthani people have

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Engineers Da Dhaba – Delivering Good Food.

thatveggieblogger/ May 29, 2017/ Desi Tadka, Home Delivery/ 22 comments

It’s always tricky when I am out at some place and undecided what to eat from there. And this usually happens when I am at a friends place and that place is unknown to me. Not only the place is unknown, I have no clue about the nearby restaurants that I can add in the list of places I can deliver my food from. The latest this happened was, when

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Desi Swag – Indian Food Style.

thatveggieblogger/ May 9, 2017/ Desi Tadka, Home Delivery/ 3 comments

I have been spoiled a bit when it comes to Home Deliveries. There was a time when ordering from nearby restaurants used to be the only choice, no matter how monotonous it became. Even if I didn’t like the food or not in the mood to have what that particular restaurants served, there was no other option nearby. Gone are those days now. It was just a matter of time

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Breads Curry & Biryani – Mughlai Junction.

thatveggieblogger/ April 20, 2017/ Desi Tadka/ 5 comments

The biggest headache, whenever, I have to travel to Indirapuram or to other far off places in Ghaziabad, is that there is no metro connectivity to these places. It becomes a task to reach these inside areas. But there are lots of restaurants to cover in this region and I thought why not start with one of the near ones. I thought of heading towards Breads Curry And Biryani this

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Kama – Punjabi Food Desire.

thatveggieblogger/ April 15, 2017/ Bar Stars, Desi Tadka, Fine Dining Experience/ 2 comments

I Crib. I crib a lot. This particular instance, I am talking about all the time I have complained about lack of good restaurants in East Delhi. Out of all the regions of Delhi, East Delhi is one of the least happening places when it comes to good food. If you live in this area, you will know what exactly I am talking about. But all this cribbing will now

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The Masala Trail – Food’s Backtracking Journey.

thatveggieblogger/ April 12, 2017/ Desi Tadka, Pure Vegetarian Zone, Street Smart/ 2 comments

In this era, you will see every thing developing at lightning speed. Be it clothes, automobiles or even Cricket. Gone are those days when Test matches used to be enjoyed lazily with whole family. In this Razzmatazz of T-20 cricket, Test matches have taken a back seat. And this is somewhat true for food too. The competition has increased tenfold with lots of new genres being invented. Right from cross

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The Great Kebab Factory – Highway to Heaven.

thatveggieblogger/ April 10, 2017/ Bar Stars, Desi Tadka, Fine Dining Experience/ 0 comments

Approximately Seven years ago, Sec 18 market wasn’t the same as it is now. There wasn’t any Great Indian Place Mall or Mall Of India. What you call today as Wave Mall was known as Centre Stage Mall then. Still, at that time too, it was the most popular market of Noida. And that was the first time I heard about The Great Indian Kebab Factory. Not only it was

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Tashan – Full on Food Swag.

thatveggieblogger/ April 9, 2017/ Bar Stars, Desi Tadka, Fine Dining Experience/ 1 comments

I remember watching a movie called Date Night. The name of the movie made me think that this is going to be a Rom Com movie which can be an ideal choice after a tired and testing Day. But it turned out to be more than just a Rom Com. It had action and thrill in it too. It was more than I expected and I mean that in a

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