Defence Bakery in association with USCranberries – Great after meal option.

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As a food lover, I love a wholesome meal. And by wholesome meal, I mean one that has all the corners covered. There are many things that need to be considered when dining at any place. Right from Starters to Main Course, there are many segments that a good restaurant need to check.These small things matter a lot.

Now, what I have noticed at most of the places is that even though they have some really nice food options to cover most of the meal but they lack in good dessert options. This reminds me of all the people who go to gym to tone their upper body but are absent during leg day. I am serious, this is the only comparison that I can make.

I am huge sweet tooth so these things matter to me a lot. I have seen many people coming out from the restaurant satisfied even though they didn’t like the desserts there. I can never be that person. Not at all. There has to be dessert for me to satiate that inner sweet tooth inside me. But that is not in my hand. In fact, it is in nobody’s hand.

These are times when local bakeries of the market come to my rescue. And there is no better example than Defence Bakery. The main reason why my recent visit was different and better is because of USCranberries. USCranberries along with Defence Bakery have come with old products but with different taste. I recently went to their newly opened outlet in Connaught Place for high tea and got the chance to enjoy their newly crafted dishes.

I tried their Paneer Kulcha in savories which was a good option to try. There juicy Paneer pieces present inside a soft Kulcha. It was evident from the taste that it was freshly prepared and not like other bakeries where old stuff is just reheated and presented to you.Then there was the classic Red Velvet Pastry. It can give big outlets a run for their money. The Cream Cheese which they use to make their Pastry is of high quality. Recommended.


Then came the food items with stuff from USCranberries inside. I am really impressed with this amalgamation. The food products of Defence Bakery are great on their own. And by adding a touch of USCranberries, they have just outclassed themselves. USCranberries are known for their fresh and delicious FMCG products that are known all over the globe.

On my visit at their Defence Bakery outlet, I got to try their Cranberry infused Muffins and cranberries infused Cookies. When it come to muffins, I feel that they need to be made with experienced hands. They should be ideally sweet and freshly prepared. The one served here was exactly that. If you are looking for some good muffins, then this is the place. Recommended. Cranberry Cookies were another winner. They were warm and easily breakable. A 7 second video would have been a better proof than my words but unfortunately I didn’t make it. Highly Recommended.

Overall, my visit was more than pleasant. Whenever I visit Defence Bakery, my expectations are already sky high, and after having all the desserts with USCranberries in it, there is a new level to my expectations now. Go there and do try stuff with USCranberries inside. Highly Recommended.



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