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Right from our childhood, we are encouraged to do what we like. For me, that encouragment always meant going in the direction of food. And Thank God for that. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have been able to taste all the wonderful food that I am presently eating all over the city. Be it a thick glass of Milkshake or a sinful Salted Caramel Brownie, I am thankful for everything that I have eaten so far.

The quest of good food took to me to new place this weekend. This is the best thing about food. Not only it is satisfying, but the explorer inside you is also happy. And specially in a city like Delhi, there is so much to explore when it comes to food. Add the NCR region and you are sorted for the lifetime. To cover each and every restaurant even once in a lifetime will be a daunting task but I assure you that it will be fun.

Coming to my latest visit, my love for food took me to Bella Cucina, Le Meridien. That property is in MG Road Gurgaon which is a different zone for me. It’s more than 35 km from where I live but when it is a five star property, how can distance be an issue. The location of the place is also really nice. Away from the main road and the connectivity is also terrific. The nearest metro station is Guru Dronacharya metro which is just a kilometer away.

Bella Cucina has an ongoing Christmas Italian festival where you can enjoy some lip smacking along with a sip or two. The festival is till Christmas so there is still more than 5 days to have a gala time. There are several options right from Antipasti to Desserts so that you are spoilt for choices. And Bella Cucina makes sure that all of this happens and that too in a royal way.

Coming to food department, let me divide it into three verticals – Starters, Mains and Desserts. This will make it easier and more convenient. As a perfect Italian meal goes, Cheese and Cracker are the best way to start. Bella Cucina understands this perfectly and when you are a 5 star property, all of these small things matter a lot. There are a lot of options in Cheese section to choose. Fresh Burrata, Smoked Ricotta, Gorgonzola, Emmental, you name it and everything was there. Pair it up with Crackers amd Prunes, you will have a great start.

In Mains, again, there was a lot to choose from. But I will start from the best of the lot. And that has to be Mac N Cheese. The old favorite of everyone who loves Cheese. And this one had lots of it. See, according to me, it’s very simple to make Mac N Cheese. You just need quality Cheese in that and that too in good quantity. Nowadays, you see various different Cafes and restaurants coming with their own version of Mac N Cheese but all I get is White Sauce Pasta with Macaroni instead of Penne! Mac N Cheese here has to be one of the best I have had. Highly Recommended.

One side there was Mac N Cheese and then there was everything else. That was the impact of Mac N Cheese! Pizza that was presented was full of Brussel sprouts and Caramelized onions. The cheese that was used was Burrata. It was made of Fresh Cream and Mozzarella. This is also rarely seen in other restaurants. Recommended. I wondered if they had a dish with Blue cheese in it and when the Risotto came, I was a happy kid. That pumpkin Risotto was full of cheese just like everything else.

Gnocchi was also there but I preferred Eggplant and Zucchinis Parmigiana over it. Eggplant Parmigiana is the most common form that you will get, even in Italy. I liked the combination of Eggplant with Zucchini. Never knew Zucchini can taste this good. The presentation of this dish was also very unique. Finally, there was Pan Fried Polenta and Black Rice With Mushroom Ragout. Frankly, I didn’t know what this was and it didn’t suit my palate but the flavor of Mushroom was satisfying.

Then there were desserts. The desserts that you will get during this festival are Christmas based. Right from Plum Cakes to Chocolates, you are definitely going to love each and every dessert there. Although I was stuffed from all food that I gorged on, I was not able to try all of the desserts. But out of all I tried, their Chocolate pops were the best.


If you have that Christmas vibe in you and want to spend your time with the loved ones along with excellent food, give Bella Cucina a visit. And remember, this festival is on till Christmas, so get ready to jingle your bells as soon as possible. And yeah – Ho Ho Ho!

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