Dhampur Green – Healthy and Chemical free Sugar products.

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I am in love with food. That’s very obvious as of now. Though I am enjoying food for a very long time but this realization came to me when I was in hostel during my graduation. Being away from homemade food made me understand the value of good food. After all, there is nothing better than “Ghar Ka Khana”. Now that I am back home, I am contended with whatever my mom has to offer.

But now that I am getting maa ke haath ka khana everyday, there is a craving craving for some good desserts. And it doesn’t help at all that I have a huge sweet tooth! There are days when this craving is satiated with the help of Ice Creams, Chocolates, Indian sweets or some other desserts that are easily available. I won’t lie, I love having them on a daily basis. But it won’t change the fact that no matter how much I love them, they are an unhealthy option.

Therefore there was a need of some other sugar products to kill of these unhealthy habits. I recently heard of Dhampur Greens and thought of giving their sugar products a try. As I checked out their site, I saw that hey have a huge range of products to offer. Right from White Sugar to Powdered Sugar to Sugar Syrups, they have almost every sugar related items to offer.


Dhampure Speciality Sugars Ltd. is one of the largest specialty sugar manufacturers in the world committed to the manufacture & marketing of chemical free & completely pure & natural specialty sugars. We are involved in multi-faceted businesses of manufacturing, consulting marketing, imports & exports. Their sugar is recognized for its consistent quality, high purity levels and superior flavor, often contributing to a ‘clean label solution’ for manufacturers. They are non-GMO and suitable for vegan and vegetarian diets.

I tried their two syrups – Golden Syrup and Treacle one. Though the syrups were different in flavors, the packaging was somewhat similar including the use of bottles. I am a huge fan of Milkshakes and therefore ordered two of them. They are perfectly suited fr the job they were ordered. They can also very well used as the topping for Waffles and Pancakes.

T have something different different yet with god taste I went with Swizzle Sticks, Jaggery Powder and Cinnamon Sugar Cubes. A Swizzle sticks provides you with the sophistication that yes, you are the one! Elegant is the word that suits them the most. Cinnamon Sugar Cubes are your usual Sugar Cubes but with a hint of Cinnamon in them. A perfect partner when in mood for some tea. Jaggery Powder which they manufacture is completely organic i.e. they do not use any fertilizer or chemical in them which means that not only our health but also our environment is benefited from this.

Final three items were Brown Sugar Cubes, Bura Sugar and Muscovado Sugar. The brown sugar cubes are ideal to be enjoyed with a cup of hot chocolate. Bura Sugar, I guess, is the most common form of sugar that these guys have. You can use it anywhere. Right from preparing Kheer or adding in it a glass of milk, it is ideal for any sweet dish. Brown Sugar Cubes are suited for Coffee and related drinks. But it does not mean that you can’t use them anywhere!

Overall, my search for good sugar products has ended with Dhampur Greens. You can help yourself as they are without any chemicals and you can help the environment as they are completely organic. Highly Recommended.

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