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I belong to those set of people that are easily amused by the looks of food. And these days it has become very easy for people like me to get distracted. Various social media sites like Instagram and Facebook are the main reason for that. These sharing sites have become a directory of sorts to view most amazing food photographs and have the power to lure the harshest of critics.

And in this day and age, it takes very little efforts to get used to all of that. And as an ardent lover of food, It’s hard for me to keep my distance from all the razzmatazz. After all, it’s not easy to keep yourself away from a lip smacking lunch plate or some dessert that has Chocolate written all over it. I, for one, am a sucker for these images.

And this is how I decided to visit Tippling Street. After seeing their Monster Freakshakes (Milkshakes), it was hard for me to control and I came here as soon as I got the chance. Though this place was in my radar for quite sometime but yesterday was the first time, I finally visited this place. The best part about Rajouri Garden is that all the Cafe’s and restaurants are in one line and that area is just near the Metro Station. Same is the case with Tippling Street. Exit from Rajouri Garden Metro station and it won’t take you even 5 minutes to reach this place.


Coming to this place, you will be welcomed by Faux Flowerpots before you will find the way for the lift or stairs which might give an impression of the British touch to the place. This place promises you of having a good time by teleporting you from Delhi to Britain. I get the Britain touch here as the world “Tipple” is heavily used in UK English. One doubt about the place was squashed right there, you might say.


This place has two floors to it’s name, Second Floor and Third Floor. They have outside seating arrangement too, which is perfect if you want to light a butt or two. But in the summers, and specially during daytime, the outside must be empty due to scorching heat. They have a huge Bar set up with Bottles of Alcohol proudly put in display. And why not, when you are named as ‘Tippling’ Street. All in all, this place seating area of around 100 people.


Coming to Food department, in Starters, first to come was Thai Veg Spring Rolls. Almost every time I prefer Honey Chili Potatoes when it comes to Starters, but for a change I opted for Spring Rolls. They were deep fried to perfection. Six evenly fried Rolls with fillings of thinly chopped Vegetables along with Cellophane Noodles and Shitake Mushrooms. Recommended.


Then there was Thai Green Papaya Salad with Tippling Mango Cloudy Shake. Tippling Street has an ongoing Mango fest going on where you will not only get Mango flavored Mocktails and Shakes but there are Mango based Desserts too. And to go with the Shake, this salad was ordered. Along with Papaya, this Salad had Carrots and Peanuts topped with Thai Dressing. Completely fat free, this should be on everyone’s list when looking for some guilt free munching.


Next to come were Exotic Veg Dimsum and Vaghareli Makai. I carefully decided on these starters as I didn’t want to order something heavy in one go. So went for something which was less in quantity. There were Six pieces of Dimsum with very fine outer layer and lots of veggies inside. Vaghareli Makai was nothing but roasted Sweet Corn with curry leaves and Green Chili mixed with it. I liked the smoky flavor that was present in each and every corn Kernel. Recommended.


Final set of starters included Skinny Ragazza and Figo Bruschetta. After all the Asian and Indian starters, I needed something to satiate my Cheese craving so went ahead with Ragazza or Mozzarella Sticks in simpler words. The amount of Cheese was in very high quantity which made them extra special. Recommended. Bruschetta was filled with vegetable like Mushroom, Artichoke, Tomato and Fresh Basil but it also could have done with a bit of Cheese.

In Drinks, I went ahead with their Milkshakes as those Shakes were the primary reason why I was at Tippling Street. The Shakes that I tried were Kit-Kat Shake, Naughty Nutty Shake and Mocha Shake. All of the Shakes deserved full marks for the presentation, be it Kit-Kat Shake with Gems sticking to the Mason Jar and Kit-Kat popping out from both the sides or Naughty Nutty Shake which was full of Almonds and Sugar Vermicelli. It was hard to hold all the Shakes with one hand. All of them were super thick and the namesake flavor was in abundance. If I have to choose one out of all, my favorite was Kit-Kat Shake. Highly Recommended.


Coming to Main Course, I kept it fairly simple with North Indian Meal and Two Asian meal. In Indian, I went with the combo of Dal Makhani and Lacchha Parantha. Instead of Garlic Naan, I was recommended Lacchha Parantha so thought of having that only. And the recommendation was bang on. That Parantha was very soft and with good amount of butter on top. One of the best Lacchha Parantha you will get in the area. Highly Recommended.


In Asian, there was Thai as well as Chinese combination – Thai Red Curry with Steamed Rice and Szechuan Veg with Fried Rice. After a long time I was having Red Curry and that too in a place like this. The flavor of Coconut was kept to a minimum which was to my liking. Fried Rice along with Szechuan Veg was decent though I was almost full when I was having it.


In Desserts, there was Electro Banoffee Pie and Mango Gazzak Ice Cream. Banoffee Pie was presented in the form of a Tart with outer layer cleverly made with Biscuit Crumbs and Banana Toffee syrup in between. For the above mentioned Ice Cream, special mention should be given to the Chef, Mr Ashutosh, for creating something unique and delicious dish like this. Before today, who knew that Mango and Gazzak can gel this wonderfully. Highly Recommended.


Overall,  If you are a massive fan of Milkshakes like me, then Tippling Street is the place for you. Even if you aren’t, their delicious food is enough to catch your attention. Recommended.

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  1. An amazing pics of superb and delicious food.
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Delicacies look nice. Nice Photography skills.

  3. Oh my god!the shakes are so tempting. I have to visit the place.

  4. Oh my god those shakes are divine … The one with gems is so cute looking too. The food also compliments the shakes the dimsums and the mozzarella sticks caught my attention.
    Must try this one on my next Delhi visit.

  5. The kit Kat shake looks yummy!

  6. I liked the shakes. They look so good. I would love to try them soon.

  7. i have been to this place….ambiance is very lovely….and the cocktails they got were amazing

  8. OMG!! The food looks awesome. wanna try momos and shakes.

  9. Wow they have nice display of shakes

  10. Such an intriguing write up!

  11. Dying to try on some shakes
    They look Aaaamazingggggg

  12. OMG first of all the shakes look so yum I want to have it at my first sight. The ambiance looks cozy. Next time in Delhi I’m definitely going to visit this place

    1. Shakes are their usp. do try them.

  13. Salad looks so yummy and delicious.

  14. this is soooo heavenly!! Their shakes are suh a delight my god!

  15. Those milkshakes looks like a meal on their own!

  16. been to this place
    it rocks

  17. Oh my! Im feeling hungry already!
    You should definitely visit Masala Library! They serve great vegetarian delicacies!

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