Panchratna Thaal – Huge Platter with everything on it.

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The best part about having a meal at a Pure Vegetarian restaurant is that you don’t have to scan the menu to check what all is Veg and how limited the choices are going to be. In a place like this, you just have to select the dish without any worries. And the icing on the cake comes when you don’t have to select anything. Everything in the menu will be presented to you and that too as many times as you like.

This is the main concept of Panchratna Thaal. You will be treated to a Buffet spread which mainly consists of Gujarati and Rajasthani Cuisine. Right from the welcome drink in the form of Aam Panna to the dessert which was Malpua that day, each and every item will be unlimited. You can order whatever you loved again and again and skip what yo didn’t like.

This place changes it’s menu each day. This is again a good idea because the menu won’t be repetitive and you will get to taste something new everyday. The menu of the day will be written outside of the premise in a whiteboard and will be clearly visible before entering the place. The best way to reach the place is to deboard at East Patel Nagar Metro Station. This restaurant is around a kilometer from there.


Before entering the place you will notice a huge Chuski counter that is displayed outside and they serve around 15 different flavors of Chuski, which is not included in Thali. The price of these Chuski ranges from 70 Rs to 200 Rs depending upon the addition of Mawa Malai, Dry Fruits and Ice Cream. Unfortunately, as I was in a hurry that day, I was unable to taste them but they looked quite tempting.


As this place boasts of Rajasthani and Gujarati food, you can find the decor set in that tone only. Drawing of a Saree clad women preparing food in a Chulha under a lush green tree was a really pretty sight. As this is a newly opened place, the utensils were shining as bright as sunshine. In all, this place has a seating capacity of around 50 people.

Coming to food department, they serve almost 25 different dishes in the form of a huge Thali. All the starters, Papad, Chutney, Gravies, Breads and even desserts are served in that single Thali. Try to imagine the size of that Thali. And the best part is that it only costs 450 Rs including all taxes. If you are dining there on Tuesday, then prices are further slashed by 100 Rs and you will have to pay only 350 Rs for a full meal.

In Drinks, there was a welcome drink which was Aam Panna. though, it wasn’t as cold as I would have liked but it was thick which you don’t see in most of the places. It should not be skipped. Masala Chaas was also there. Adding Chaas in the drinks menu is a great idea I must say. Not only the taste was good, but it was very refreshing.

In Starters, Gujarati dishes were in Majority. Khaman, Dhokla, Khandvi, Noodles Roll, Veg Cutlets were. There was even sub Category of Dhoklas! Sada Dhokla, Pizza Dhokla, Sandwich Dhokla and even Fried Dhokla was there. Fans of Gujarati food should definitely check out this place. My favorite out of all were Pizza Dhokla with ample amount of Cheese and Noodles Roll which was a fusion of two different cuisines. Recommended.

In mains, there was everything. Yes. Everything! Paneer Dum Gobhi, Mix Kathor Dahiwala, Gatta Jodhpuri, Dum Aloo Butter Gravy, Rajasthani Dal, Rajasthani Kadi, Dal Makhani etc.. was there. Even if you take one single bite of everything, you will be stuffed. There is so much of everything. My favorite out of all were Gatta Jodhpuri and Dum Aloo Butter Gravy. Recommended.

In Breads, there were option of Fulka Roti, Pyaaz Parantha and Puran Poli – a very famous sweet bread from Maharashtra, made from Chana Dal and Jaggery. There was also an option of spreading Desi Ghee in your Fulka Roti and when there is Rajasthani food present how could I say no to that. Out of all, my favorite was Pyaaz Parantha. The taste of every gravy item was elevated with this Parantha. Recommended.

In Desserts, there was Malpua and Aam Ras. I was pleasantly surprised to see both of them in the menu. Because it’s not always that these dishes are served to you. And especially Aamras, which is a rarity these days. But that’s the USP of this place. Aam Ras was very very thick and I had around 3 bowls to enjoy it completely. Malpua was another winner, it was soft and dipped in sweet syrup. Both of them are Highly Recommended.

Overall, this newly opened place has everything going right for it. From serving Buffet to the economical pricing and the nearby area, there is hardly any negative aspect about this place. I hope they maintain the consistency too. Recommended.




  1. OMG!! That’s such a huge platter.

  2. Although I’m not a complete vegetarian
    I love having good vegetarian food

  3. a rajasthani food thaali….awesome….rajasthani food is very delicious

  4. Omg I’m drooling the khali is so huge and I’m loving everything as u say haha. . well priced too.
    Thank u for the review.

  5. seeing the size of thaal 1 must be sufficient for 3 people

  6. It does look very amazing

  7. They have so much variety ..that’s awesome

    1. Yeah. So many dishes in one Thali.

  8. 350 thaal on tuesday great deal and so many delicacy to eat Gujarati delicacy always stands out

    1. Yes. Next time I go, I will be there on a Tuesday.

  9. Those pics are amazing and the food looks even better!!

  10. Lovely food pictures.. Food also seems delicious.

  11. Finest ever cuisines, restaurants, and amazing dining.
    Thanks for sharing.

  12. Completely Veg Thali with so many small delicacies. Sounds like a nice place to try.

  13. 450 is such an inexpensive price for such a huge platter of delicacies.

  14. I think my brother is going to love this place

  15. Wow!! I would love to try Rajasthani and Gujarati food. I liked the decor and paintings a lot.

  16. Everything sounds so perfect for a good veg meal with family

    1. yes. do take your family with you

  17. somebody decided to give this humble restaurant a try! Thanks for the review, was waiting for this,

  18. Oh wow.. Gujrathi and Rajasthani thaalis need a bug appetite to be finished.

  19. that thali reminded me of jodha akbar movie

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