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I have started traveling a lot just to try out food from all over Delhi. I can’t really say that I live in the area where there are a lot of option related to food. So, even If I am feeling lazy enough to leave my house, I have no option because food comes first. Always! This is the primary reason that I have no issues in going to far off place just for food.

West Delhi, in particular of all the regions, is one area which has been least explored by me. It won’t be fair to say that this region doesn’t have any good places to eat because it boasts of Rajouri Garden, which undoubtedly, has lots to offer. As soon as you exit from the metro station, you will be greeted by restaurants on both the sides. It will be hard to count all of the places at once because there are so many of them. But for a food enthusiast like me, it is a good thing because I am spoilt for choices now.

After strolling through the market and keeping my eyes wide open, so that I don’t miss any name, I thought of giving Global Food Factory a chance. Though there are many famous names like NH 44, Band Baaja Baaraat etc. I thought of going with my instincts and zeroed in on this place. This place is hardly 300 meters from Rajouri Garden Metro Station which means you won’t have to be bothered about the heat.


The main reason for selecting this restaurant has to do something with it’s name. There is something in the name Global Food Factory that lured me here. I am sure it’s the word Food that made the most impact, as always! I was there on Sunday during the time of India Vs. Pakistan Cricket match and the provision of watching that match was done in a pretty good manner. From televisions in different angle to a big projector in the middle, everything was there.


This place has seating capacity of 75 plus people in total. They also serve alcohol and a separate dedicate Bar Section can be found at the end of the restaurant. The most important feature of thie place is that they use a Wood-fired Oven. How many places in NCR can boast about this particular achievement. Not many is the answer. This has to be the USP of this place.


Coming to food department, In starters, first there was Paneer Tikka. This is one starter that I more than often pops up in my order. Though I am not a big fan of Paneer Tikka, but due to it’s popularity it is loved by everyone. These were a bit different and I mean in a good way. Not only were the smoky flavor was high, but the pieces were juicy enough. Recommended.


Next up was London Doner. As I had no idea about what to order next, I was suggested by the server to go with London Doner. Coming to Turkish Food, they call it their specialty. And I would have to wholeheartedly agree on that. That Doner was filled with spiced up Cottage Cheese along with Bell Peppers and other veggies which were used to perfection and served with a side of Fries and Sour Cream and Hummus Dip. Recommended.


I was so impressed by the London Doner, I decided to try another Middle Eastern dish. I went with Falafel, Pita Bread and Hummus. Usually, you only see restaurants serving Pita Bread only with Hummus and if you want to have anything else, you order a Platter. But here, Falafel was also present. It was to my liking as I am fond of all the three items. Pita Bread was nothing great and I have had better Hummus, but, Falafel was the real winner there. Chickpea was deep fried to perfection and went well with that ordinary Hummus. Recommended.


Mushroom Bharwan and Honey Chili Potatoes were the last of starters. I liked the use of Sesame Seeds in Chili Potatoes. They are not present in every place which made them extra special. But the use of Honey in those Chili Potatoes was on the higher side. Mushroom Bharwan, on the other hand was just perfect. They were skewered very well and the stuffing of shredded Paneer was the highlight of that dish. Recommended.


In drinks, Mocktails as well as Milkshakes were ordered. Mocktails in particular were really good. I went ahead with Three Layer Shake and Mint Mojito. Three Layer was indeed a very different experience. It had Orange, Peach and Pineapple flavor in it and to give it a feel of Shake, Milk was added on the top. Recommended. Kit-Kat Brownie was average whereas Banana Caramel Shake was really good. The dominant flavor of Banana was there but the taste of Caramel was easily detectable. Recommended.


In Mains, first there was Factory Spl Veggie Fiesta. This was one dish that hogged all the limelight. You can call it the showstopper of the night. All of my order revolved around this Pizza. After all, it isn’t everyday that you get to eat Woodfired Pizza. The added advantage of getting enhanced smoky flavor along with all the fresh vegetables like Mushroom, Olives, Bell Peppers etc was the perfect way of enjoying that Pizza. Recommended.


In North Indian food, Dal Makhani and Paneer Lababdar was there. The flavor of Dal Makhani was some what different from what I have had at numerous other places. And believe me when I say this, because I have tried Dal Makhani at almost every place where I dine. Paneer Lababdar was a thicker version of Kadai Paneer with finely chooped and cooked vegetables on top. Both of the gravies were satisfying in taste.


In Breads and accompaniments, there was Missi Roti, Lachha Parantha and Pineapple Raita. I always save Raita for some occasions because I don’t want to get bored by it. I thought of having it today with Dal Makhani and I was proved right. Missi Roti along with Dal Makhani and Paneer Lababdar turned out to be a winning combination.


In Desserts, there was only Gulab Jamun. The option of Brownie with Ice Cream was also there but as it contained egg, I had to refrain myself from having that. I was left a tad disappointed because I had lofty expectations after having their Starters and Main Course so wanted to try different desserts too. All in all, those Gulab Jamun weren’t bad but I wanted something more!


Overall, my experience of watching India Vs. Pakistan match was a genuine hit because of Global Food Factory. They have an amazing Mixologist and I can say that even though I didn’t try their Cocktails. Recommended.





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  1. The drinks and pizza looks so inviting.. though i barely eat veg..

    1. Pizza was one of it’s kind. Drinks were good as well.

  2. Pizza looks yummy.. Makes me hungry 😊

  3. I am wondering about the taste of pizza Great Read – Thanks for sharing – Bushra – blog

    1. The pizza was different and in a good way!

  4. very well written, the pics are very tempting

  5. very written and temting pics

  6. 3 layer shake seems interesting ☺️

  7. Such an amazing review with awesome pictures. Truly awesome.

  8. I have tried the food here and loved a few dishes.

  9. Pizza pic looks so tempting. Yumm

  10. Wow!! this is nice.
    Didn’t heard about this place though. Need to try

    1. Go there ASAP. They serve really good food.

  11. A massive collection of recipes and delicacies. Authentic and delicious food.
    Thanks for sharing.

    1. Their wood fired pizza was really good too.

  12. London doner and 3 layer shake looks very interesting. Thanks for the share!

    1. Both of them were really very good.

  13. that face on the screen and shake with that….nicely captured….nice timing

  14. The pizza indeed looks so scrumptious!!

  15. Looks great! Especially the mushroom Bharwan

  16. Global food factory, have heard about the place, will visit soon

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