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I am so regular in Mall Of India that I have made a list of restaurants that I want to visit whenever I am in the area. Of course that list is going to take quite a while because there are lot of restaurants to cover which is going to take some time. And I am not even taking the fact into consideration that there are some places that are yet to open or all the coming soon places that are not even present online. But sooner or latter, I hope that all those restaurants are checked off from my list.

Compared to any other place or mall in Noida, Mall Of India is miles ahead not only because of its grand setting due to the name DLF attached to it but also because of all the big store names that are operating inside, be it in any category. Right from Brother Brooks in Fashion to Smaaash in Entertainment to The Big Chill in food, it’s highly unlikely that you will be return back disappointed whenever you visit Mall Of India.

I have had my sights for Made In Punjab ever since it’s inception here. Made In Punjab came in limelight ever since it opened in Cyber Hub. Being more than 35 Kilometer away from where I live, it becomes a tad difficult to visit Cyber Hub regularly. So, I was delighted when I came to know that MIP has set up in Noida. The nearest metro station to this place is Sec 18 metro station and it will take just 10 more minutes to reach this mall.

One more reason to love Made In Punjab for me is that they have a large Buffet Spread and being a fan of Buffet treats, it was difficult to keep this place in the wait list. But that isn’t where the accolades stop. This is one of the rare places where À la carte is equally famous as Buffet. And I don’t know many places that boasts of such a quality. But that is what you expect from Zoravar Kalra.

The first thing that you will notice are the beautifully done interiors which is a rarity when it come to dining places inside a mall. Majestically set up lights and the clever use of mirrors to make this place look even bigger shows that some effort has been put to make this place better than the best.


Coming to food department, I was in two minds, whether to opt for Buffet or À la carte, but I decided to go for the latter as I wanted to see whether this place deserves all the accolades that it is getting or not. It was only after seeing the extensive menu that I started to sense that this my visit was going to be a good one. And the music, how can it not be mentioned. It was like you were partying at your Friends place. All the Punjabi songs, including the recent chart busters were played there.

In Starters, first there was Jau Mushroom Ki Chakli. For a moment it didn’t click my mind, that the word ‘Jau’ has literal meaning here, that of Barley. I thought there is some hidden Punjabi meaning to it. It was hard to find the flavor of Mushroom in that Chakli but I didn’t the overall taste of Barley. At least, I got to try something new this time.


Next up were Paneer Tikka Barrels. I remember having something very familiar in 38 Barracks. Not only the name but the taste was some what similar too. These had stuffing of tangy Cream Cheese inside but the thing to talk about them was the superior smoky flavor that is very essential whenever a Tikka is prepared. Recommended.


Then there was Popeye Paaji Ki Favorite Chaat. You will need to use just an iota of your brain to understand what this dish is all about. Popeye has always been a synonym of Spinach and that is the case with this Chaat too. Spinach was deep fried and then presented in vertical position with the help of Gram or Chickpea Flour (Besan). It was topped with Mint as well as Tamarind Chutney and to give it full feel of Chaat, Yogurt was added too.


Final starter of the day was Veg Galouti. I am a firm believer that Galouti Kebab tastes best with Ulte Tawa Ka Paratha. And I crossed my finger when I spotted them from far off. I was delighted when I saw that each and every piece came with a small Parantha. I am not that big of a fan of Cloves, but it’s taste just added to the wholesome experience. Highly Recommended.


In mains, first there were Palak Chenna and Kunda Dahi Bhindi. Two of those dishes that are found in every household but here they were prepared in a different manner. Palak Chenna was prepared to give it a feel of Palak Paneer with Spinach grated to perfection and using Chenna instead of Paneer. Recommended. Kunda Dahi Bhindi was the amalgamation of Kadi as well as Bhindi. The gray was a bit tangy but Bhindi was prepared perfectly.


If there were some Hatke items, then normal Paneer and Dal items were also ordered. Paneer Burraaahhh was your Paneer dish with cream gravy. Not only it was prepared with lots of effort but the presentation was perfect too. Maa Ki Daal was the usual Dal Makhani and with right amount of Butter as well as Cream. Recommended.


In breads, from Roti to Naan everything was tried. When there was so much different variety of food ordered, then I thought why not try different assorted breads to see which one suits the best. Lachha Parantha was garnished with Coriander and Garlic Naan was the best out of all. It went with all of the curries, be it Maa Ki Daal or Palak Chenna.


In Desserts, Nukkad Jalebi and Stuffed Gulab Jamun were there. This Jalebi was not like any other Nukkad places but was prepared in Ghee and served with all time favorite Rabri. Served in a Martini glass, Pista was used for Garnishing. Recommended. This was the first instance of me having Gulab Jamun with something stuffed inside. And in this case, the stuffing was of Chocolate. That was pure bliss. Never knew Chocolate can go this well with Gulab Jamun. I have found myself a new favorite. Highly Recommended.


Overall, Made In Punjab not only has a desi name, but all the food items that are available has very regional taste to it. The presentation may look classy but it’s all massy when it comes to food and that is a great thing when your restaurant has Punjab in it’s name. Recommended.



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  1. Great ambient place.

  2. Beautiful place to hang out Great Read – Thanks for sharing – Bushra – blog

  3. Ambience as well as food looks amazing

  4. Will look up this place, next time I am in NOIDA. Thanks for sharing.

  5. This place is lovely!

  6. I need to visit Made in Punjab very soon. Heard a lot about it. Great post

    1. One of the very best in the area.

  7. Beautifully covered everything in one post.
    Thumbs up!

    1. Thank you for the kind words.

  8. Being a Punjabi, I so need to try this out.

  9. I too liked popeye paaji ki fav chaat nd paneer tikka barrels….grt food

  10. I’ve been there once and they serve delicious food

    1. I have the same feeling about them.

  11. One of my favourite places!!

  12. “Paneer Tikka Barrels” looks delicious.

  13. This is in my bucket list.
    Heard a lot. Hope my experience turns out good.

    1. Be assured. You will have an amazing experience there.

  14. Balance, detail, and variety are of paramount significance to food.
    Thanks for sharing.

    1. This place has all of the above mentioned things.

  15. Everything looks yumm

  16. great food pics you have clicked i am starting to feel hungry now

  17. Will try from this place soon!!

  18. Been to this place…there food is amazing

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