Jungle Jamboree – When Nature calls.

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It’s very difficult to start a trend. You have to do all the research, planning and take all the risk. That is why I have immense respect for Barbeque Nation. They were the first one to bring this Buffet culture in the city, and it took a lot of effort from those guys to make their name and goodwill. And now, as a result, there are numerous restaurants where you will the same Buffet spread but with their own twists and presentation. Jungle Jamboree is one of those places and this Logix Mall outlet is their latest venture.

Not only Jungle Jamboree but Logix Mall in itself is very new. Slowly and steadily restaurants like Ching Shihh, Cha Cha Cha have opened their doors here and Pind Balluchi is next. But the biggest competition that this place will face is from A Grill Company which is in the same floor as well as same line as Jungle Jamboree. They both will try to attract same customers as they both specializes in same genre – Buffet.

Coming to this place now, It is located opposite PVR Cinemas on the second floor. That different Green Color decoration will tell you where exactly to come. The nearest metro station to this place is Wave/Noida City Centre which is the last station in Blue line. This mall is hardly 100 metres from the station.


They have gone full throttle on the ambiance. They just didn’t stop at naming the place Jungle Jamboree and the ambiance is to look at. Right from the first step, you will notice the greenery all around. I wish we had this much greenery outside of this mall too. You will notice cut outs of all the wild animals like Gorilla, Tiger, Lion etc on the wall.


They also have an aqua section which as the name suggests is all blue in color. Situated in between, this blue section stand outs. Just like those Wild animals in Jungle theme, you have Mermaids in this section. Combining this area, there is a seating capacity of more than 75 people. All in all, a great deal of work is put in creating the ambiance.


Coming to food department now, they have Seven Course menu which consists of dishes like Galouti Kebab, Dahi Poori, Kadhai Mushroom, Hot Chocolate Brownie etc. I will review the dishes in four categories, that I found most interesting, be it good or bad.


In starters, first there were Dahi Poori or Pani Puri. Call them whatever you prefer but the taste will remain same. They were served in my table in a plate of six. Garnished with Namkeen Sev, it had lots of dahi (Curd) inside, which is why I guess it is named Dahi Poori. Some more Green and Tamaraind Chutney would have made it even better.

Then there were Veg Dimsums. As the lighting effect made everything look green, for a moment I thought these Dimsums were green because of that light. But when I took them to the next table to click a better photograph, I realized that they are in fact green in color! The inside was stuffed with finely Chopped Vegetables and Paneer too was there. I liked the overall taste. Recommended.


They also had Veg Pizza. In Buffet places, you generally don’t see Pizza. So, this was a welcome change here. I tried to do a cheese pull, but failed in doing so, which made me doubtful about that Pizza. But, it was full of Mozzarella and in every bite, lots of cheese was there.


In Skewers, Achari Paneer Tikka, Grilled Mushroom, Malai Soy and Tandoori Aloo was there. Thankfully, a drizzle of cream was there on Achari Paneer Tikka. Soya Chaap didn’t have enough Malai on top of it to categorize them as Malai Chaap. The size of Mushrooms were small but the effect was big. Recommended. You won’t find Tandoori Aloo in the seven course menu, but they were served on request. They were cooked properly and the smoky taste added to the overall flavor very nicely. Recommended.


In drinks first there was Aam Panna. The thing to note in drinks section is, one drink is complimentary only in Lunch Buffet. You will have to pay extra if you order after that one. I ordered this drink to have something sweet and tangy simultaneously. But that sweet taste was missing. I had to order another one to clean this one off.


Next drink that I had was Pink Lady. I asked the server to bring me a drink with sweet taste in it. Something that was missing in Aam Panna. He quickly returned back with this Pink Lady. It looked sweet as soon as I got a glimpse of it. Pretty to look at, it had Strawberry syrup as the dominating flavor with a hint of mint in it. Recommended.


In main course, there was a lot to choose from. I took a bit of everything for tasting purposes. The best out of all was Dal Masala. This is what you call Dal Fry or Dal Tadka usually. The name may make it sound like something very spicy but it was exactly the opposite. It was made very simply with spices been kept to a bare minimum, reminding you of homemade food. Highly Recommended.


I remember when I went to Jungle Jamboree’s CP outlet almost a year back and I learned that they serve Bhindi Kurkuri, I was very excited to taste that. But it was hugely disappointing. So, I was careful before I tried this Bhindi here, It was way better than what I had at that CP outlet. It was shredded to pieces but the taste of Bhindi was intact. Recommended.


This might be the only Buffet place in Noida that serves Vegetable Lasagne. I was surprised to see it there. It had good amount of Cheese, be it on the top or between the layers. It was baked to perfection too. As this was a Vegetable Lasgane, there were bound to be vegetables inside, but they were a bit too much.The amount of veggies can easily be reduced. It was good, nonetheless.


In Breads, again, they have lots of options. Tandoori Roti, Lachha Parantha, Garlic Naan, Plain Naan etc. are the options that you can go with. You will just have to tell the server your preference and it will be served on your table. I went with Garlic Naan. I was so full with all the starters, that this Naan was just to taste each and every item.


In Desserts, I first went with Hot Chocolate Brownie. All of their Desserts, be it Pastries or Brownies, are eggless. You don’t have to worry about that thing here. This was one dessert that I had in heaps. I consumed more than four pieces of it with additional Chocolate Sauce on top of it. They were so fresh and gooey that I couldn’t prevent myself from attacking them. Highly Recommended.


In Ice Creams, you generally only see Vanilla and Strawberry Ice Creams kept in the freezer. But this place had 10 different flavors to choose from. I was pleasantly surprised to see that. From Butterscotch to Kesar Pista to Paan Ice Cream, everything was there. My favorites were Mango and Paan Ice Cream. Highly Recommended.


Overall, My experience at Jungle Jumboree was very pleasant. Their ambiance, service as well as food quality was high. Don’t miss their Momos, Brownies and the various different flavors of Ice creams. Recommended.

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  1. Whoa nice job mate

    1. Thank You. I am glad you liked it 🙂

  2. Which outlet is better ? Gurgaon or the cp one ? For vegetarians!

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