Defence Bakery in association with USCranberries – Great after meal option.

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As a food lover, I love a wholesome meal. And by wholesome meal, I mean one that has all the corners covered. There are many things that need to be considered when dining at any place. Right from Starters to Main Course, there are many segments that a good restaurant need to check.These small things matter a lot. Now, what I have noticed at most of the places is that even

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Bella Cucina – Italian Cheese Treat

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Right from our childhood, we are encouraged to do what we like. For me, that encouragment always meant going in the direction of food. And Thank God for that. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have been able to taste all the wonderful food that I am presently eating all over the city. Be it a thick glass of Milkshake or a sinful Salted Caramel Brownie, I am thankful for everything that I

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Dhampur Green – Healthy and Chemical free Sugar products.

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I am in love with food. That’s very obvious as of now. Though I am enjoying food for a very long time but this realization came to me when I was in hostel during my graduation. Being away from homemade food made me understand the value of good food. After all, there is nothing better than “Ghar Ka Khana”. Now that I am back home, I am contended with whatever

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Tippling Street – Hooked on Shakes.

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I belong to those set of people that are easily amused by the looks of food. And these days it has become very easy for people like me to get distracted. Various social media sites like Instagram and Facebook are the main reason for that. These sharing sites have become a directory of sorts to view most amazing food photographs and have the power to lure the harshest of critics.

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Ardor 2.1 – Passion for Ghazal and Food.

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You know what’s the best thing that I like about Delhi. Of Course, it’s food, but what makes food here so different in variety ye so authentic in taste? It’s the presence of different cultures and the harmonious conglomeration that makes all of this possible. You can get world class Bhel Puri and lip smacking Chole Bhature under one roof.  Which other city or state can boast of this –

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Panchratna Thaal – Huge Platter with everything on it.

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The best part about having a meal at a Pure Vegetarian restaurant is that you don’t have to scan the menu to check what all is Veg and how limited the choices are going to be. In a place like this, you just have to select the dish without any worries. And the icing on the cake comes when you don’t have to select anything. Everything in the menu will

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Kama. Rajasthani Food Festival – Khamaghani to all the deliciousness.

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4 years. That’s the time I have spent in Rajasthan while completing my graduation. And four years are more than enough to learn about a new culture. You may not learn everything but you will be accustomed by the culture and tradition to some extent at least. And though it took some time for me to adjust in the beginning, but I fell in love with what Rajasthani people have

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Global Food Factory – Food all around.

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I have started traveling a lot just to try out food from all over Delhi. I can’t really say that I live in the area where there are a lot of option related to food. So, even If I am feeling lazy enough to leave my house, I have no option because food comes first. Always! This is the primary reason that I have no issues in going to far

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Ready to Hop around – IHOP now in India.

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DineEquity Inc. now in India New Franchisee Opens First Of 20 IHOP Planned Restaurants IN Gurugram, Haryana.   Gurugram – DineEquity, Inc., (NYSE: DIN) one of the world’s largest full service restaurant companies and the franchisor of two category leading brands, Applebee’s® Grill + Bar and IHOP® restaurants, today announced the opening of IHOP’s first restaurant in India, DineEquity’s nineteenth country. The world-famous breakfast chain and the leader in family

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